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Rev. Esther Valdes
Associate Minister


Rev. Esther Valdes has been serving within the Disciples of Christ for the past 20 years. She began her spiritual journey when she was just a pre-teen and had accepted Jesus in her heart and began attending Iglesia Misionera Bautista, a small hispanic baptist church right here in South Florida. She developed a love for the church and people at a very young age. She loved to share with others the good news about God.


Her life changed at a young age, as she got married and began her journey as a wife and mother. She began attending her husbands church Maranatha that same year, where she served as the head of the childrens ministry. After serving in this ministry for a time they decided to move up north to New Jersey for about a year and then returned to South Florida.


When Esther and her spouse returned to South Florida a few months later they were invited to visit a Spanish Disciples of Christ congregation and is where she continued her journey towards Gods calling in her life.


In February 2004 her second child is born and she decided to go back to school in 2006 to pursue her Bachelors in Psychology. On January 2011 she gave birth to her third child and a few months later begins to go through a difficult divorce and was left to raise her three children on her own. This did not stop her from completing her studies and in October 2013 she graduated with her Bachelors in Psychology. 


Between 2013-2015 she took a break from school and took the time to restructure herself and her home. On December 2015 Rev. Valdes enrolled with Indiana Wesleyan University and continued to pursue her studies while being a full time mother and continued to work full time in ministry and held her full time secular employment.


While Rev. Valdes was nearing the end of her Masters in Divinity another shift occurs in her life and God opens the doors to serve in a new congregation. In January 2019, Rev. Esther Valdes accepts Gods call to Parkway Christian Church. In the fall of 2019 Reverend Esther Valdes graduated with her Masters in Divinity from Indiana Wesleyan University and has been actively serving in Parkway Christian Church as the Associate Minister, sharing the many talents and gifts that God has given her. She was officially ordained in Parkway Christian Church on January 2021. 

Rev. Esther Valdes has worked together with Rev. Charlie Wallace to sustain Parkway throughout the transition the church was going through pre Covid and sustain the church through the pandemic.


Her drive for excellence and creativity motivates others to experience God and ministry at a different level. She encourages and challenges others to step out on faith and to get to know God at a deeper level. Her welcoming spirit, warmth, and humor, draw people to realize that having a living faith in Jesus Christ is the best choice every single day, regardless of what is happening.



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